‘No, I am carrying many cards, I don‘t need additional.‘
‘Yes, if you can merge it with one of my cards, I‘ll take it.‘
‘No, I will surely misplace or forget it, so no point having it.‘

We always find that it‘s not easy to persuade our customers to hold our loyalty card. But now with ChopChop:
‘No, no more additional card, the loyalty card is actually one of the apps in your smart phone.‘
‘Yes, it is ‘merged‘ with your smart phone.‘
‘No, you won‘t simply misplace or forget your phone right?‘

In addition, we could tell customers that ChopChop:
‘Is a free app, it cost you nothing to download it but wifi connection.‘
‘Is paperless and inkless. No trees were harmed when you‘re using ChopChop.‘
‘Sends you weekly card status and reminds you the expiry of your card.‘
‘Notifies you the merchants near you, and more... ‘

What we always worry the most is how we are going to manage our loyalty programme, to reward our customers, to know our customer group, our sales trending and etc. Well, now all these are managed by ChopChop and what we do is to log in to our merchant account to get all these data, or just sit back and wait for our weekly report.

- Lee Chien, owner of CAFFEine

ChopChop seems to be gaining quite a big following. The convenience of not needing to carry around a physical (and might I add easily misplaced) loyalty card is fantastic. Our customers seem to love the idea of having this app on their smartphones.

The app itself is so easy to use and anyone can work it with their eyes closed. Just one simple button and it automatically scans the chop for you. It definitely brings in more customers as they're more than happy to redeem their free drinks here at Mollydooker‘s

- Zekry, General Manager, Mollydooker‘s Coffee Bar

Using ChopChop takes away my headache of coming up with Winter Lover‘s loyalty programme from scratch. No need to worry about designing, printing and managing these physical cards anymore. We can easily access our customers‘ data online - no lengthy registration forms for customers to fill.

We always want to provide the best experience for our customers. By using the ChopChop app, we ease their pain of having too many cards in their wallet. This makes it easy for them to participate in our loyalty programme, which indirectly helps to increase recurring sales.

The guys of ChopChop have good customer service. They are friendly, constantly engaging with us and promptly attend to us when we need help.

I would recommend using ChopChop and definitely fun working with the team.

- Chloe, Owner, Winter Lover Bakery House

Engaging with ChopChop has modernized our loyalty programme, keeping it up to date with the increasing adoption of smartphones. Our customers found it interesting about this digitalized, centralized loyalty card on their smartphones,helping them to manage the many loyalty cards in their wallet. Going digital means we get to understand more about our regulars with ChopChop‘s precise and effective customer analytics.

They constantly enhance their system and service so that we as merchant can get more value out of it. Working with the team who is fun, open and prompt has been a great experience.

- Ms.Lee, Partner, Buddy Soy Smoothies