The ChopChop Mantra

This is what ChopChop believes in. A mashup of our culture, values, objectives and mission.

Constant innovation, improvement and enhancement

There will never be a day we stop thinking and doing this. Yes - there were and there will be glitches with out product and we will always respond immediately to fix the problem. We are never satisfied with where we are. Charge ahead and exceed expectations - that's what we want.

Value creation

We strongly believe in value creation first, money making later. Yes, we love making money. But only by creating value first for our users and merchants, only we deserve making the money. And hei, it is the only sustainable way of making money by creating value first. Otherwise, we will see a repeat of the financial crisis in 2008 (hear that money shufflers, you know who you are).

Obsession with customer service and experience

Without our partner merchants and users, ChopChop is nothing. We are obsessed with ensuring that our customers receive the best treatment and attention from us. We want to deliver the best experience to you. We admit we aren't perfect, and when problems arise, we won't sideline or ignore you. Hit us up, the founders personally at and we will respond as soon as possible.

Initiative and accountability

The ChopChop organization consists of people with strong initiative. We keep moving and doing things on our own will to change things for the better. We take ownership of our tasks and always accountable to what we do.

Focus & Perseverance

We are laser-focus on doing what we are good at. We won't want to be a jack of all trades, and master of none. Life is tough. Shit happens. But we will persevere, tearing apart these obstacles to constantly deliver value to you, our customers and the society.

Helping SMBs & SMEs grow

Small businesses and enterprises collectively form the backbone of our economy. It is crucial that they thrive and grow. ChopChop's mission is to help SMBs and SMEs to deliver their loyalty programme effectively and building brand awareness.

Now you have read The ChopChop Mantra. If you feel that you live and breathe the same mantra as ours, come join our team. Check out here what team members we are looking for.