Seeking for interns! If you are the below, drop us an email at with the subject 'I Want To Change The World'. But before that, make sure you have read The ChopChop Mantra to see whether you fit into our startup.

Ninja Coder

We are realistic people. You don't have to code in every single programming languages in the world. You don't need to have 10 years worth of experience. So long you know how to code decently for the web or/and for mobile and have the willingness to learn and constantly pushing yourself to improve - then we are very likely to marry, I mean hire you. Good attitude matters the most. If you are female, even better. Yin yang balance required.


You will do everything other than coding - sales, marketing, PR, sales, marketing, admin work, sales, marketing, social media, sales, marketing, organizing community events etc. Observed the pattern? Best if you are interested in learning and enjoying doing sales and marketing. Same as the requirement for our ninja hacker- so long you have the willingness to learn, good attitude and fitting into our culture - then we are very likely to have you on board!